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Artist statement 


“Like evolution in nature, I strive to create perfection knowing that perfection is unreachable. My art is a pursuit of the evolution of my spiritual self.”


I am a sensual artist. When I create I turn off my mind and let my feelings take over control. I’ve tried different techniques during my professional growth and some of them helped me to discover my potential. A modular painting has brought me to a new stage of creating. Many of my art pieces are dedicated to reflection. Although they can seem very similar, each piece is different from another. It shows that there is nothing permanent in the world and changes happen every single moment. Like a river flow, it will never be the same as it was before. I show reflection as an infinite motion process. It is an important part of my art. That’s how I feel connected to nature which brings me closer to who I am.
It starts with bare canvas and inner silence. I don’t know what it will be at the end and I do not have an exact picture in my mind from the beginning. The result is unexpected but when it’s finished I feel completeness. Unconsciously I apply the paints and search for the textures that resonate with my feelings the most. The shapes and colors can be contrasting with each other but they build harmony in between. When I slam canvas together and run my hand along the inside it brings me joy and excitement. The anticipation and curiosity of what is happening. And when I separate them I see pictures that will be impossible to repeat. One piece reflects the other but they are not identical. This shows inconstancy and connection between everything and everyone. And that I’ve learned from nature.



2023 Exhibition "Dialog" at the Art Fair "Fresh Paint", Tel Aviv

2021 Virtual exhibition "The Dreamers" at The Holy Art Gallery, London

2019 Artexpo New York by Agora Gallery

2019 Exhibition "Fine Art" at the Molbert Gallery, Saint Petersburg

Artist Bio

Taia Bene was born in 1984 in Moscow, USSR. Growing up in Russia had a special impact on her art. Being raised in a conservative society where her opinion was not spoken up, pushed Taia to create her own world where she could do it. She found freedom in her art. 
Therefore she uses contrasting bright colors and paints beyond the usual. It is the opposite vision of the colorless and depreciating environment back in USSR times.

Her artistic journey began in the design industry. During her studies at Moscow State Textile University, Taia discovered her passion for painting and graphics. Since then she has been going in this art direction. Her art is a combination of expressionism and abstractionism. For the creation process, she uses a wide variety of art tools, choosing different kinds of techniques, bright, nontrivial, and rich palettes.

In 2012 Taia has moved to Tel Aviv, Israel. The adaptation to the dynamic Middle Eastern environment and culture contributed to her new stage of creativity. In her work, she has begun to explore more socially significant topics, such as childhood influence, interpersonal bonds, and women's roles in society. Most of those come from her own experience.

Growing as an artist and discovering her own style, caused a change in her form of artistic expression. At first, Taia mostly painted with clear images. But the Taia has progressed to a more sensual side of her visual art, being inspired by nature, feelings, and impressions. 

2019 was a meaningful and successful year for Taia Bene. The recognition of her purpose as an artist and desire of sharing her feelings and vision with people indeed was a huge step to perform. To be an artist as a medium between the universe and society. Later this year her artworks were recognized by Agora Gallery and presented at Artexpo in New York. The same year some of her art pieces were shown at the Exhibition "Fine Art" at the Molbert Ze Gallery in Saint Petersburg. There are several works of Taia in private collections in Russia and Israel.

At this stage of creation, Taia dedicated her art to modular painting. That’s how she represents the motion process of herself and every single organism in the universe.

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