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The name is coming from the Shakespeare's poem "A Midsummer Night's Dream" where the main topic is Love.

Love is unconditional and it can't be analyzed. Love exists in every world and every universe, it is beyond understanding. Love between two souls that eager to meet, surpassing all the difficulties and obstacles. Love can appear in any shape and form, where time and space do not exist, Love does. Such place is  our dreams that are ephemeral and mysterious. Dreams allow us to travel to the outer worlds where we can meet with souls of those we love. We can meet with love that we've lost or with those who aren't here with us in a current moment. And dreams can make that happen, they bring us the same feeling as in reality. 

The artwork has many layers and textures, showing that there are many places where we can travel to with our dreams. And every time we close our eyes we immerse into a different reality. Two resonating background colors create a harmony together, like a Midsummer night's dream that feels so veritable,

making us questioning where the reality is.

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