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Feautured works


2023 Exhibition "Dialog" at the Art Fair "Fresh Paint", Tel Aviv

2021 Virtual exhibition "The Dreamers" at The Holy Art Gallery, London

2019 Artexpo New York by Agora Gallery

2019 Exhibition "Fine Art" at the Molbert Gallery, Saint Petersburg

About Taia Bene

“Like evolution in nature, I strive to create perfection knowing that perfection is unreachable. My art is a pursuit of the evolution of my spiritual self.”


I am a sensual artist. When I create I turn off my mind and let my feelings take over control. I’ve tried different techniques during my professional growth and some of them helped me to discover my potential. A modular painting has brought me to a new stage of creating. Many of my art pieces are dedicated to reflection. Although they can seem very similar, each piece is different from another. It shows that there is nothing permanent in the world and changes happen every single moment. Like a river flow, it will never be the same as it was before. I show reflection as an infinite motion process. It is an important part of my art. That’s how I feel connected to nature which brings me closer to who I am.


Israel, Tel Aviv

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